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A new format – 2 weeks of gig guide!!!

This week’s gigs

Fri 19/05  Winelarder – Solo “Songs I write & songs I like”  6 – 8  the biggest little bar South of the Yarra 1/153 Martin St, Brighton VIC 3186     (03) 9530 6173

Sun 21/05  The Palace Hotel with Dion Hirini – The Amazing Exploding Alamogordos 3.30-6.30 every Sunday. The Palace Hotel 505 City Rd. Sth. Melbourne 9682 3177

Next week’s gigs

Fri 26/05  Grand Hyatt Ballroom for Danny Green’s Coward punch campaign  7.30 til late. Star studded lineup for a great cause Tickets still available at –

Sat 27/05  The Extraordinnaires play a Private Party

Sun 28/05  The Palace Hotel with Dion Hirini – The Amazing Exploding Alamogordos 3.30-6.30 every Sunday. The Palace Hotel 505 City Rd. Sth. Melbourne 9682 3177

Mon 29/05 The Extraordinnaires at The Maori Chief  – Monday night Blues 7.30 til finish 117 Moray St Sth Melb. 9696 5363


Coming up;

June 10th Celebrating playing my Ol’ Guitar for 50 years at Flying Saucer Club with The Extraordinnaires and guest Ollie McGill (Cat Empire) Tix available now at

A new album of my Country songs (we’re down to the final 12 & they’re sounding amazing)  – watch this space!!!


& Now the News

After much nagging, I’ve extended the gig guide to 2 weeks so people get a little more notice as to what’s coming up. It’s difficult in this day and age to know exactly what we’re doing that far ahead, and we walk the fine line between info and over exposure, but I’ll bow to the pressure and at least give it a shot. The dates will rollover each week.

It’s still important to check out the upcoming shows in the giglist. This is the longe range sensor for the really faithfull and we’ve always got great stuff coming up. Something there for everyone! So you can plan ahead.

I’m getting a lot of interest in my original songs and very excited at the prospect of my first ever original album (well 90% of it is) which draws ever nearer to completion. Lots of requests now for my songs and people asking to cover them! What we need now is your support by buying them. I am totally independent, I’m not signed to anyone and I don’t use streaming services or itunes, simply because we don’t get payed enough – a basic marketing decision. If you like my songs (and 17,000 + hits on youtube, suggest there is some interest) please support me by parting with a buck for a download from time to time.

You can check them out here (you can listen in full and purchase if you like it)

Many people complain to me that there’s nowhere to go to find good live music. I think, ever since I’ve been listing gigs regularly on my website, I’ve well & truly proven that wrong. We need your support & your bums on our seats people. The talent’s there, the venue’s are open, the beer’s cold, all it needs is YOU!


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Plus, I’m selling my songs on Bandcamp & am adding new ones all the time now. You can check them out here

You’ll find new original music, also my albums, including ‘Together Alone’ with Rhonda Burchmore. You can listen, buy, download, high quality tracks and all the money goes to the artist!!!

& on Instagram – bobbyvster

Aloha Bobby V